KCL’s Rolling Tones are all dancing, all female and have no reflux, here’s why you should join an Acapella group

‘Instruments? What are they?’

The all female Acapella group at King's, known as the Rolling Tones, has been an important part of UK Acapella for years. Our version of Pitch Perfect has been gaining so much traction that they travelled to Edinburgh Fringe over the summer, and are now releasing a new single. The Tab caught up with Ellie Blackmore to get the 411 on why The Rolling Tones is the best singing society on campus.

What’s it like to be part of Edinburgh Fringe?

Doing the Edinburgh Fringe was an incredible, and somewhat crazy experience! It was like a full time job – rehearsing, handing out flyers all morning, doing up to 3 shows a day, and still trying to watch shows ourselves! It’s got a wonderful community feel- everyone is out to support each other and it really bought us together as a group. It wasn’t so much fun for our poor vocal chords though – I’ve never been so tired in my life!

As a London student, which city is better?

That’s a tough question – the cities are so different! I’ve heard that Edinburgh is a completely different place when the Fringe isn’t there, so I’ll have to go back and see what it’s like!

Is Pitch Perfect an accurate depiction of being part of an acapella group?

Sometimes, life can feel like Pitch Perfect when you’re in an a cappella group. But they make Riff-Offs look so easy in the movies! They’re actually really hard, but so much fun. We competed in the competition from Pitch Perfect (the ICCAs) and did really well – so that felt very much like a movie! We’ve never met or competed against a group as intense and scary as Das Sound Machine – and hopefully we never will!

How many songs do you have in your repertoire?

We probably have about 15 songs in our repertoire, plus a couple of extras that we pull out for busking. Our Fringe show set list is 11 songs, so those are currently our most polished.

Do you sing acapella in clubs?

We were recently the house band at the Prince of Wales in Brixton, which was a new experience! It was great fun so we’re definitely looking to do more gigs like that this year.

What’s the best part of being part of an acapella group?

The best part is getting to do what you love with your best friends. I have endless respect for the women I sing with – they are so talented and work so hard. It’s amazing how close we are and they are the strongest support system anyone could wish for – both in life and in harmony.

What was your best social as a society?

We went to a karaoke bar as a bit of an initiation last year and it was hilarious! I’m a brunch enthusiast so I’m always pushing boozy brunches – they’re a great way to break up full-day rehearsals!

What’s one stereotype of your society you like to break?

That a cappella is lame. Have you heard our beatboxers? They’re actually insane. You try singing a delicate solo then immediately switching to a killer beat, come back and tell me again that acapella isn’t awesome.

Do you ever wish to have instruments?

Instruments? What are they?

The Rolling Tones are performing TONIGHT at Greenwood Theatre, tickets are at the door.