All the things second years really think about Freshers

I’m gonna say it because we are ALL thinking it

Freshers: noun

"A group of people for whom we feel a sweet balance of love and hate."

While most of us have good memories from Freshers (except freshers flu obvs) we also know what it's like to be in that state when we're excitable little puppies – and what it was like for the years above to look down on us. Now we're in their position because as much as we feel for them, we can't help but despise them for being cheap copies of us. You're just kidding yourself if you haven't ever thought any of this.

"I'm so excited to start lectures and seminars, it's going to be SO much better than Sixth Form"

We know they're in for a ride, and just how quickly they'll be proven how wrong they were to ever think it could be exciting to pay £70 for a lecture – which you won't remember by the end of the day.

"Partying is my middle name so hmu for good times”

Then there's the irrational hate we have of them, that's not that irrational. In fact, it's perfectly justified by Jake the 'SESH KING' . You hope he doesn't breed and move on, hoping your version of freshers was nothing like Jake the lad 12 months ago.

"You applied to UCL? Get out of my sight"

Always teach your kids the truth from a young age. Applied to UCL? Not good to spread around kid, you're in the wrong neighbourhood. Learning about Poo-CL vs KCL is the first thing that will get you through your degree, not the first time you get a pass on your essay.

"I really found myself in that hotel in the Maldives, it was just so therapeutic"

At school, gap 'yahs' can be considered the most ideal period of time after finals. At uni, everyone is going to question whether you really found yourself hiking up a hill in South America with a llama.

In all seriousness though, we'd be lying if the above weren't actually all of us at some point, the last time I got excited going to class was October 3rd. Who knows whether being a second year will give us more maturity or just an outlet to complain.