The Met Police are being dragged for linking seized heroin found 12 miles away to Notting Hill Carnival

Stormzy went in

The Metropolitan Police have caused a stir after linking a drug seizure in Catford to the Notting Hill Carnival, an event due to take place 12 miles, or three boroughs away from the South London district.

On their official Twitter page, they announced that a kilo of ‘uncut heroin’ had been seized in the run up to #NottingHillCarnival.

It wasn’t long before Twitter users accused the Met of “trying so hard to demonise” the carnival, “with an agenda to shut down”, by forcing a link between the two unrelated events.

Stormzy, who is based in Croydon, tweeted about the criminalisation of black events compared to the demographically white festivals such as Glastonbury and Reading.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users started taking the piss out of the Met, and some of these responses are really funny: