KCL’s popular TEDx talk ‘Embracing Madness’ returns this year

An announcement was made on Facebook after last year’s success

On the 28th October, KCL is holding a TEDx event, a day of talks and discussions focusing on the theme of ‘Embracing Madness’. This follows on from successful talks on the same theme last year, and it promises to provide stimulating debate and discussion.

The day is looking to disperse some of the negative connotations that go hand in hand with the word madness and make attendees re-evaluate their perceptions of the mad label, with a line up of impressive speakers discussing their ‘mad’ escapades. The website for the event says that it ‘represents TED’s entrepreneurial, adventurous and ‘daredevil’ spirit’, a fitting topic for a university discussion panel.

The theme seems to be following the current push to destigmatize mental health issues and encourage those struggling to reach out for help and feel more at ease asking for aid and feeling reassured that they will be taken seriously. One cannot help but wonder if this will have a positive impact upon mental health services within the university itself, which although they tick all the boxes, can occasionally fall short.

The line up of speakers have not yet been confirmed, but last year there was a wide range of entrepreneurs, athletes, authors and teachers all providing a different perspective on their own experience of madness. As well as talks, last year’s event also showcased several performers from KCL and beyond, including All The King’s Men and Susana Silva.

Liis Oblikas, a member of TEDx KCL and one of the event co-organizers stated that it is not just for those who are scientists or professionals, and will provide a space in which to discuss and network in a thought provoking environment looking to unlock ideas surrounding our individual madness.

Check out the event on Facebook here or you can go to the KCL TEDx Website for more details.