King’s ranked 17th in the UK Sugarbaby rankings

There’s no sugarcoating the truth here

Everyone loves a good swipe. The excitement of being superliked, grinded, matched, bumbled, or whatever clicks your fancy, fills your eyes with sparkles of hope for a flourishing relationship and countless cute eskimo-kissing, bed-spooning, “look at us” pictures on Facebook or Instagram.

But, wouldn’t the relationship be so much better if your significant other could buy you things way out of yours and your parents’ paychecks? Luckily, SeekingArrangement is here. Aside from sounding like a 50-shades-of-grey spinoff, this website is designed to match sex with money, young and old, sugar baby and sugar daddy- ensuring a diabetic duo of student-debt-free lives and semi-romantic encounters.

In 2016, SeekingArrangement recorded a 22% increase in members; 58,000 UK-based students were using this site to satisfy their throbbing, poignant, gigantic…sweet tooth. Along with this, the website released a ranking with the top 20 most Sugar Babed universities in the UK in 2016.

King’s was ranked 17th with 420 students using the site and 97 new users,  just under UCL which was ranked 12th with 182 students in total but 114 new members. The University of Westminster was ranked 1st with 661 students.

For once in our lives, Cambridge isn’t hoarding first place in the UK rankings being placed in a dismal 13th (just one place after UCL) BUT have the highest amount of students on the site with a record-breaking 774 despite the anticlimactic 112-member increase this year. So even in sugar babies, they beat us… darn.