An unknown student vandalised on the ‘Wall of BAME’ celebrating women of colour at KCL

Has anyone seen anything?

Last year, a BAME alternative to the ‘Meet the Professors’ wall (also known as the wall of fame) was put up at Strand.

Current NUS Women’s Officer and King’s alumni Hareem Ghani and previous KCL Women’s Officer Zahra Butt organised the ‘Wall of BAME’ to celebrate the success of women of colour within King’s.

However, someone has scribbled ‘WTF?’ under the acronym BAME, which stands for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic. KCLSU recently announced that the ‘Meet the Professors’ had been updated to include a more diverse set of academic faces.

Speaking to The Tab, student Bobby Sun who discovered the vandalism told us:

“I came across the WTF whilst looking at the wall randomly. I was there on the 26th headed for a bar sesh and happened to pass by.

“A few of the student pictures on the BAME wall have gone missing, if you look at it you’ll see spots where there is blue-tack but nothing else.”

“It feels to me like the message could be one of two things, the more charitable explanation is that Origional Poster is questioning the use of BAME over some other term like POC.

“The less charitable one is that they are hating on the idea of having this wall, like ‘WTF? Why does this exist?”’

A source told the Tab that Facilities is trying to get the display moved to another place.