Macadam building will be closed until next Tuesday

The fire is under continued investigation

Yesterday afternoon, at around 13:34 the fire brigade was called to attend a basement fire at the Macadam building.

Ten fire engines and seventy firefighter, including ambulances, arrived at the scene. A statement from the London Fire Brigade revealed that part of King’s store room was damaged in the blaze.

Station Manager Joe Kenny, who was at the scene, said: “Our firefighters had to contend with a lack of ventilation so they slowly and steadily progressed through the building tackling the fire until it was extinguished.”

KCLSU confirmed that everyone was safe and there have been no reports of casualties.

This morning, an email from Principal Edward Byrne praised the collective effort of staff, students and emergency services for their “exceptional co-operation throughout the day”.

Although the Chesham building is now accessible, the rest of Macadam will be closed until 23rd May. The Union will be in touch about items stored in the basement area.

If you have any materials in the Macadam Building that you’ll need for an assessment, or you think this will affect your ability to prepare for an exam, please contact KCLSU Advice at [email protected] or ring our switchboard at 020 7848 1588.