Noam Chomsky sends an email supporting King’s campaigners at LSE

He called the campaign ‘important and courageous’

Last week, King’s student Roger Hallam and three other activists namely Adam Herriott, Daniel Quila and David Rhys were arrested and charged with criminal damage in the midst of a peaceful protest at LSE.

The protest, one of many in the past few months, was organised and led by the Life Not Money campaign in support of better salaries and working conditions for the university’s cleaning staff.

Chomsky emailed with encouragement for the campaigners. He said: “Very pleased to learn about what you are doing. Important and courageous.”

Speaking to the Tab, King’s student and campaigner, Roger, said: “It’s great that we have statement of support from Noam Chomsky. If LSE continue to resist having a meeting on their inequality problem and sanction the imprisonment of peaceful protesters week, news will travel round the world that this is what the LSE elites do when challenged on their privileges.”

Activist Rosalind Rei also shared their delight at the message: “We share his belief that the corporatisation of education, reflected in the increasing salaries for LSE management, make it almost impossible for critical thought and creativity to flourish.”

A spokesperson for LSE said: “LSE values all members of its community, including those employed by a contracted organisation. The cleaning staff at LSE has access to recognised trade union representation through Unison, which is in discussions with Noonan and LSE.

“The ‘Life not Money’ group has published a number of false allegations about the status of LSE cleaning staff. Noonan staff receive, at least, the London Living Wage, the same hourly rate as equivalent staff employed directly by LSE. The group has also made false claims about the LSE Director’s salary, which is currently £275,000 per year.”

Another protest has been scheduled for tomorrow evening, activists will be marching from the Strand to the LSE.