You can actually learn GOT Dothraki if you do an exchange at UC Berkeley

Maybe we can get him to teach at the MLC??

King’s exchange students have a variety of options for exchange programmes, but now UC Berkeley has officially become the most exciting university to go abroad for. Anybody who henceforth chooses this uni can now learn Game of Thrones’ official language of Dothraki.

In a recent announcement from UC Berkeley, David J. Peterson, inventor of the Dothraki and High Valyrian languages for HBO’s acclaimed series Game of Thrones, will now be teaching a three-unit course at the university. The class will be entitled “The Linguistics of Game of Thrones and the Art of Language Invention”, and although students will not actually be taught Dothraki, they’ll be instructed in creating linguistic systems of their own.

Formerly a Berkeley student himself, Peterson has also been credited with inventing languages for Penny Dreadful, Emerald City, The 100, and Thor. Although it’s not part of the class, he’s also published a CD guide called Living Language Dothraki. Season 11 is airing so late, you can probably learn the language in time. Who needs subtitles?