Your best reactions to puppers visiting King’s yesterday

Spoiler, ‘puppy’ actually means fully-grown dog

The agony of exams is slowly hitting all of us, big and small, Postgrads and First Years, Guy’s students, and yes… believe it or not, even Strandies.

The King’s College London Student’s Union, in collaboration with All Dogs Matter decided therefore to offer KCL students on the verge of complete brain explosion, an afternoon of stress relief… WITH PUPPIES!

Ok… they weren’t actually puppies they were 3 adorable doggos, which wasn’t appealing to some dog-agist people, but was heart-warming for the rest of us. All doggos are puppers!

Everybody was excited, and we could almost see life in people’s eyes as they were attentively waiting for their 3 minutes one-on-one time with the 4-legged angels. Don’t believe us? Have a look at these photos:

Fuad – PhD Student

Shivani – Medicine, 4th year

Emily: BA Philosophy; Becka: English with Film; Elizabeth: Neuroscience, 4th year

Sam: IBSC Immunology; Arisara: Bsc Neuroscience; Emma: Mathematics; Weiyee: Biomedical Science; Timothy: Biomedical Science; Sophie: Medicine

Sunnii Peifer-Stafford – Comparative Literature, 1st year

Renz: Pharmacology; Nick: Computer Science

Elizabeth: Dentistry; Yzzy: Dentistry; Charlie: Dentistry

Elijah – English, 1st year

Purnima Kajal: PhD EIS; Frida: PG Tourism, Environment, Development

Biravani: 4th Year, Dentistry

Ma’suma: 1st Year, English; Salimah: 1st Year, Biomedical Science

Artemis – Comparative Literature with Film, 1st year