KCL brothers form the band “The Blinding Lights” with a gig at Battersea Barge

“We’re trying to do more than every other band and do more than just play gigs”

A new band has hit the scene at King’s in the name of  ‘The Blinding Lights’.  We spoke to frontman Theo Lury (French undergrad) to find out what they’re all about, and how they feel about their upcoming gig Friday the 5th May at the Battersea Barge.

‘We are three bothers in a three piece band and have spent the last year doing the standard circuit of playing with promoters at venues around London, usually to average crowds who have been charged a lot to see a 25 minute set. So recently we basically to start our own movement called “stand against the tide”.’

They told us we couldn't play in the gardens. We played just outside. #standagainst17 #london #kensingtonpalace #guitarist

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‘The movement is all about taking music back and making it what it should be… we just want to play to people and give them the greatest musical experience of their lives.’

‘We play on our own terms and we have been setting up around London on street corners, by tube stations, roadsides, anywhere we can.’

#stand #norules #rocknroll #fightback #manifesto #standagainst17

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‘It’s all about playing with no constraints, and hence no promoters. We want to play to more people, for longer, and charge much less to our fans’

The band’s gig on the 5th of May is a prime example of their new ethos and their interest in playing non-traditional locations. Located at Battersea Barge, it’s bound to be more interesting than your average dive pub gig. Theo told us ‘we intend to give you the best musical experience of your life’.


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Tickets are priced at just £6 and more information can be found on their website. What better way to procrastinate and avoid your uni-related responsibilities?