We found out what KCL considers to be ‘library chic’ at Maughan Library

Crushing on clothes instead of critics

Admittedly all anyone wants to do in exams is have a nap. It’s hard to wake up every morning and be like ‘oooh it’s a beautiful day, fuck i have to read 263846383 million pages for research on a darned essay I will probs never want to read about ever again’. It’s tough on your motivation and general happiness.

What’s the best way to remedy this perpetual sadness (at least till about May)? Clothing. I took to Maughan to find out what KCL students consider the appropriate ‘library chic’ to study in, and found out that the majority dressed themselves for motivation: feelin’ good, doin’ good.

Camille Hainsworth-Staples – English, 2nd year

Anna (LSE, BSC Economics) & Liza – BSC Economics and Management, 1st year

Niamh Ryan – BSC International Management, 1st year

Emily Boyle – English Language & Literature, 2nd year

Shreya Anil – History, 1st year

Ollie Bazeley – French and German, 4th year

Elise Lauriot Prevost – International Relations, 2nd year

Roderick Witjas – International Political Economy Masters

Sadyant Sasiprabhu & Juliette Marchal – LLM

Jasper Watkins & Michael Chidgey – MA Contemporary Literature, Culture and Theory

Rosa Cabus – War Studies and Philosophy

Ayesha Hussain – History

Ben – Philosophy MA

Greta Dobson & Rebecca Anselmetti – Digital Culture, 1st year