If you take a selfie you can now officially call yourself an artist

Er… we knew that anyways

So, it now transpires that taking a selfie is no different to painting a self-portrait. We’re all artists in our own right, but that’s something we’ve known for some time – no heart-attacks here.

The exhibition ‘From Selfie to Self-Expression‘ has opened at Saatchi Gallery, displaying the transition from into modern portraits (i.e taken on le smartphone with a doggy filter). We’ve taken the time out from revision to be nice and tell you you’re an artist.

You’re very welcome.

Your snap-pics have a (subtle) Travis Louie effect

Now that you’ve acquainted yourself with Louie’s weird but wonderful illustrations, maybe you’ll feel better knowing that your selfies have very creative potential.

We are obsessed with becoming animals and Snapchat knows it too. Maybe we’ve come to the realisation that humans are absolute shites.

What bad has the animal kingdom ever done apart from killing Mufasa? But let’s not generalise an entire population because of one delusional idiot.

As well as imagining yourself reincarnated as an anthropomorphised coffee, artist Trim Lamba created a short film shot entirely on Snapchat.

Snapchat is the future of self-representation.

You’ve been taking masterpieces by accident 

Imitation is the best form of flattery, it’s even better when you find out that your selfie looks like Helleu’s favourite muse Alice Guerin (and later wife).

On the left is Sarah, our very own Fashion editor, posing for what looks like a photoshoot. Don’t be fooled, no one is taking her picture, she just has a really long selfie stick.

It’s fascinating to see the striking resemblance between the two; the obvious red hair, blue eyes, fringe (all natural, we only discovered the painting today whilst researching for this article) – there’s no denying that selfies are an art form.

Reimagining the Greats via selfies

Basically a modern day Vermeer’s gal


Here’s another one, on the right we have Thomas Gainsborough’s daughter Margaret, except she’s missing an iPhone/paintbrush- whichever one is the easiest to get hold of I guess.

What your probably wondering is how the hell Maggie managed to time travel far enough to order a choker from ASOS?

Let me tell you something: the 90s didn’t invent them, they’ve been around since the eighteenth-century; first as awareness ribbons, then high society neck ribbons, and after the millionth comeback, chokers.

Like a good painting, taking a good selfie is bloody hard work


After all that effort, four hours and a few hundred snaps later you have the perfect selfie – notice that isn’t plural.

The routine usually comes about in this manner: you’re watching Netflix and notice your reflection in the screen. You’re looking peng and the last selfie you posted was a week ago.

You get out of bed, change your top (your pyjama bottoms are too comfy), snap the hell out of your life even though your arm is killing – but no repetitive strain injury is going to stop you from getting those likes. No pain no gain.

Patience, persistence and an eye for detail – all qualities required for an artist.

The Saatchi exhibition is open until May 30th