We found out how you ladies were wearing florals at KCL

‘Florals for Spring, groundbreaking’

Spring is upon us and thank Christ the weather is actually agreeing – well for a day at least. Florals have been around as a Spring trend for as long as we can remember (reference Meryl Streep’s iconic board meeting in “Devil Wears Prada”) and the flowery fever is spreading. We took to campus today to find out which ladies have been inspired by the change of season at KCL, and to see how they’re styling florals.

Vasilisa Vikki – English with Film, 1st year

Maeva Cocotier – International Business Law (LLM)

Elena Gol – International Relations, 3rd year

Sudheera Koduru – Politics, Philosophy and Law (LLB)

Sophie Charambolous – History, 2nd year

Yasmin Tan – RPE, 1st year

Ellie Kilbride – History, 1st year

Helen Pattison – KCL Housing Shame Campaigner

Meg Holch – Music, 1st year

Nur Syafiah Ryaihanny – RPS, Final year

Mim Briggs – Music, 1st year

In association with the KCL Fashion Society

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