BREAKING: Vivienne Westwood to collaborate with Eco activist Roger Hallam on KCL art installation

Scheduled to be unveiled in the new semester

After a volatile year of protesting, including hunger strikes, arrests, graffiti that Banksy would be proud of and suspensions, the efforts of KCCE have finally paid off.

Environmentalist and all round babe Vivienne Westwood is set to collaborate with our very own climate change activist, Roger Hallam, to create an art installation to reflect the monumental choice of divestment which is sure to go down in history.

The news comes a few weeks after King’s management signed an agreement to divest from fossil fuels by 2022. The planned exhibition will be outside the Great Hall where Roger caused controversy by painting on a Grade I listed building.

Two houses both alike in dignity

Viv, has long been associated with King’s  as the designer of our graduation gowns and guest speaker at KCL Eco Soc’s series of environmental lectures.

Whilst she is currently unavailable for comment, the collaboration comes as no surprise, her stance on climate change and vocal concern for the state of the world was in no doubt stirred by the effective work of Roger Hallam and KCCE.

Speaking to The Tab, Roger confirmed the rumour:

“Vivienne contacted me and after several meetings agreed to the idea of doing an art installation outside the Great Hall. We want this to be a celebration of the creative civil disobedience that members of King’s have been part of in the past few months.

The merging of old and new architecture is key to the installation as a whole and the project will hopefully encourage students to take creative risks to improve society.”

The art installation, which will be designed by Westwood will be unveiled to both eagerly awaiting activists and confused, lost freshers in September 2017.

While we would love for King’s to collaborate with Vivienne Westwood unfortunately this story is false. Happy April Fools Day.