All you need to know about the Macadam Cup 2017

GKT vs KCL fixtures and times throughout the day TOMORROW

Tomorrow afternoon sees for an exciting day of sporting greatness. From 11am at Honor Oak Park Sports Ground, come and witness the 14th annual Macadam Cup between GKT and KCL.

As a profound tradition at King’s, here is all the info you need to come and cheer for your team!

11am – Ultimate Frisbee – Rugby Pitch

11am – Tennis – Tennis/Netball Courts

12pm – Cricket – Astro 2

2pm – Men’s Rugby – Rugby Pitch

2pm – Men’s Football – Football Pitch

3pm – Women’s Hockey – Astro 1

3:30pm – Lacrosse – Astro 2

4pm – Women’s Rugby – Rugby Pitch

4pm – Women’s Football – Football Pitch

4pm – Netball – Tennis/Netball Courts

5pm – Men’s Hockey – Astro 1

6pm – Kabaddi – Mini-Football Pitch

And for anybody interested in the off site competitions, then here’s what you need to know:

Climbing – Regular Wednesday Night Session

Swimming – Pool – KCL Win

Water Polo – Pool – KCL Win

2pm – Fencing – Downside Fisher on Wednesday 29th