First year student launches ‘Strand’ Magazine

Strand’s the new cool

A shiny new publication hits King’s campuses this Monday as the arts-and-humanities themed Strand Magazine begins distribution.

Opening with two issues this semester, the Strand’s editor, Samuel Turner, intends to have the magazine out on a monthly basis next school year. “Our mission statement, so to speak, is just to represent KCL students’ arts and culture in the best way we can,” he says, “we hope to set up events with other societies as well, and have advertising available to them at affordable prices.”

Samuel Turner, a first year in English Literature

In terms of content, each issue is mostly composed of student submissions sorted into categories such as Literature and Fine Art, but will also include a feature article on something cultural outside of King’s. This first circulation revolves around an interview with Harry Matthews, one half of ThatTransCouple, and his thoughts on coming out, gender roles, and more. A review of Kazuo Ishiguro’s talk at KCL is also featured, along with an opportunity to win a signed copy of his new book.

Every forthcoming issue of The Strand Magazine can be found on their webpage, which went live last night, but print copies can be picked up on Strand Campus. The magazine also has a Facebook page. Here’s to arts and culture, KCL.

Portrait taken by Jared Phanco