In photos: Londoners host Trafalgar Square Vigil to commemorate victims of the Westminster attack

It took place at Trafalgar Square at 6pm last night

In honour of those who died, were critically injured or had family members involved in the Westminster attacks on Wednesday, last night a candlelight vigil was held in Trafalgar Square as symbol of unity for Londoners and the whole nation.

The attacks have increased security across all bridges and zones within a 2 mile radius of Westminster Bridge, with life continuing as normal. Londoners grouped together to show support for those who helped those who lost their lives, as well as the now four members of the public and Met Police officer who were killed.

Landmarks in countries around the world (including the Eiffel Tower and the Brandenburg Gate) have shown their solidarity with London to say that we will not be afraid, and try and prevent as much violence from happening as possible.

Robert Nicolson has said that “It’s London. We never surrender, and they couldn’t have picked a worser city to affect. Sure this may have been inevitable at some point, but I think London is safer than any other major city on the planet.”

Another bystander, Fran Lesley, said that “even though I don’t have to come to London, I find this whole situation appalling. I just feel nobody is going to stop me or frighten me in my own city… I always found security staff at Houses of Parliament incredibly helpful, good humoured.” 

“Let’s just snub our noses at them, to be very polite.”

Abi, an operations director said that the reason she came out to the vigil was to “show support for London, for everybody to come together and show that we are not affected by the terrorism. It’s shocking and upsetting, obviously everybody is affected by [Wednesday].”

The vigil was done very well. It was peaceful, everyone was very respectful. 

All photos taken by Jared Phanco @jaredphan and Duncan Claber