We asked you how you’re wearing trainers at KCL

The logistics of how to style the crucial footwear of champions

Some would say that the trainer is actually the piece most people associate Kings College with, when talking fashion and how students dress according to their ‘vibe’. I mean this seems to be a huge part of our aesthetic, with our mood board painted as follows:

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So with this hindsight in mind, I walked around Strand today to find the best trainers on campus and see how they were styled, promoting the sheer importance of footwear this Spring.

Nieve Bartels – Comparative Literature, 1st year

Bianca Miclea – MA Conflict Security and Development

Sofia Ferreira Santos – Comparative Literature, 1st year

Tim Roque – MA Cultural and Creative Industries

Jean Monet – Maths with Management and Finance

Azirfan Azhar – PPE, 2nd year

Maryam Zakir – Hussain, Comparative Literature, 3rd year

Seline Cornfield – Philosophy, 1st year

Sylvie Dumont, Comparative Literature, 1st year

Fjolla Ramadani, Geography, 1st year

Samuel Godwin – Computer Science, 1st year

Yuhang Xu – PHD Informatics, 4th year

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