First year student launches Harry Potter themed pins

Donato to the Causum!

First year English student Bethany Duck has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise capital to create her Harry Potter themed enamel pins.

She is starting with Patronus animals and will hopefully move onto other ideas such as acrylic keyrings, so far just under £600 of the £1200 target has been raised.

We spoke to Bethany to find out more about her venture:

Why patronum pins?

There’s a lot of bad things going on in world at the moment and since Patronuses are a protection spell in Harry Potter I thought it would be a good idea to create enamel pins of Patronus animals so people can have a symbolic way to protect themselves against whatever their personal Dementors might be.

Why did you want to start this in the first place?

I was shocked that no one was already doing it and I’m not one to back away from a challenge so I figured why not!

Is business something you want to continue with, e.g. branch out beyond the pins?

I already have a Dementor pin that goes alongside the Patronus pins and more related pin ideas in the works. I’m thinking of possibly making some acrylic keyrings of the animals as well, if everything is successful. I know pins aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

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