Meet the next KCL Varsity Taekwondo Team

UCL, be scared shitless of our KCL Taekwondo #madskillz

This week KCL students are predominantly focused on Varsity, the week where we show UCL who’s the real reigning university of sport. Rachel Hill says “we’re feeling confident as we’ve got a strong team! We’ve been training hard and we’re ready to smash it!”. The fever is spreading and the next sport to take a punch at UCL is Taekwondo…

Sifan Zheng

Grade: Blue belt

Best Known for: Getting so wasted he shaved off half an eyebrow

Sunkyo Kim

Grade: 1st Dan black belt

Best Known for: Thinking pasta and soy sauce is a great combo…

Annie Ku

Grade: Yellow belt

Best known for: Her really intimidating resting bitch face

Rachel Hill

Grade: 2nd Dan black belt

Best known for: Having zero chill in training

Benjamin Varghese

Grade: Yellow belt

Best known for: He confuses everyone about where he’s from with his accent

Abdimalik Hagi

Grade: Yellow belt

Best known for: Literally. Losing. Everything (not joking here)

Omar Safi

Grade: 3rd Dan black belt

Best known for: Doing no training all year and still destroying people at competitions

Ambra Jin

Grade: Blue belt

Best known for: Punching people in the face and having no shame about it

The Taekwondo match is on Thursday 16th, at Somers Town Sports Centre, Kings Cross. Doors open at half 6 pm, with a demo (basically showcasing patterns, various normal and jumping kicks, board breaking, self defence, tricking) and the 9 matches start at 7:30. Tickets can be bought here