Meet the KCL Regents American Football Club

The Varsity playground is about to have a new King in American Football

Wednesday 15th March at 12:30 sees the KCL Regents American Football Club take to the field at Honor Oak Park, to dominate Varsity this year. Gates open at 11am tomorrow, so get down there asap!

Meet the team here to check out who you’ll be supporting:

President: Peter Bryant

Position: President, non-eligible player, part-time coach, part-time photographer

Course: 3rd year History

Known for: being concussed

Name: Nicholas Clark Bryan (NCB) – Team Captain

Course: 2nd year War Studies

Position: Running Back, Punter, Punt Returner, Edge Rusher

Known for: Dating blonde Americans

Name: Jonathan Huff – Team Captain

Course: PhD Music

Position: Running Back

Known for: Looking like someone’s daddy

Name: Ankit Mishra –Vice President

Course: 5th year Medicine

Position: Wide Receiver

Known for: Stone hands, Giant gnasher… and this..

Name: Siheon Nathaniel Choi

Course: 1st year International Relations

Position: Defensive Back

Renowned for: cursing at the official and getting sent off from the game

Name:  Dom Prince

Course: 2nd Year PPE

Position: QB1

Renowned for: being an eligible bachelor, having friends…….

Name: Rahul Bagga

Course: 3rd year Medic

Position: Line

Renowned for: never touching the football, until the last practice

Name: Avir Patel

Course:  1st year Chemistry

Postion: Center: Linebacker

Renowned for: always being miserable

Name: Hassam Kashmiri

Course: 2nd year Physics

Position: Line

Renowned for: TD run(s) baby!

Name: Jamie Naidoo

Course:  3rd year Neuroscience

Position: Line

Renowned for: Critically acclaimed for 147 runs in the pub cricket

Name: Denny Singh

Course: 2nd year PPE

Position: Line

Renowned for: incriminating himself on snapchat before early morning trainings

Name: Mitsutaka Huang Shirasu

Course:  1ST year Electronic Engineering

Position: Kicker, Wide Receiver

Renowned for: boxing with an imaginary friend

Name: Ainesh Singh

Course: 1st year Medicine

Position: Defensive Back

Renowned for: Always turning up to the trainings (as he claims)

Name: Jonathan Le Hunte

Course: 1st year Chemistry with biomedicine

Position: Wide Receiver

Renowned for: looking damn sick on the pic

Name: Sam Chung

Course: 2nd year History

Position: Line

Renowned for: Trash talking and yapping

Name: Tobias Mcleod

Course: Masters- Conflict, Security and Development

Position: Running Back, Outside Linebacker

Renowned for: Simultaneously holding the records for most amount of touchdowns and most fumbles