Myth Busting: Interchanging degrees is possible

You’re not shackled to your degree til’ kingdom come…

When applying for University, one of the most daunting tasks is making sure you choose the right degree.  You might finally decide on which area of study you want to go into but some of the degrees are so similar that it can be incredibly stressful knowing that this is what you’ll be struck with for the next 3 to 4 years.  If you’re a medic it’s even worse; 5 to 6 years and the rest of your life decided while you’re still in Sixth Form!

The common myth that what you choose is the only thing that you can study needs to be set straight. For instance, I studied an undergraduate BSc in Biomedical Science, and with a Common Year One system in place, we shared our first year lectures with a plethora of similar degrees such as Neuroscience, Anatomy and Pharmacology, all studying the same modules and sitting the same exams.  The interchangeability of degrees within the school of Life Sciences and Medicine was the easiest transition ever. All you needed to do was see what you enjoyed most after a few terms and request transfer to more specific programmes, or more flexible ones if you so wished.

Medics never fear; your intercalation year is open to so many possibilities.  Joining third year Undergraduates in their lectures is a great break from medicine to get stuck in with the more scientific side of things and integrate with new people.  Who knows, it might even take you down a research or postgraduate path.

There have been stories of friends of mine interrailing their ways across degrees in humanities on the Strand campus too, you only have to take the time to look into the things that you really enjoy and sometimes make a little effort to ensure that the switch happens.

Your degree choice isn’t something that needs to remain the same throughout your whole life at University.  So don’t get stressed about your choices!  There’s always a way to get the most out of your abilities.