Meet the KCL Athletics Team

KCL is crushing UCL’s hearts and dreams

Do you want to see some quality summer bods at Varsity this year? Come on down to Allianz Park at 16:00 on Friday to see what these Flash-esque KCL students have achieved over the past few months, restlessly training in their track through the dark winter hours at Canada Water!

This is the first time the Athletics team will be competing in Varsity, which means KCL athletes are more determined than ever to run the “Godless Scums’” arses back down to Gower Street. They will not disappoint in showing UCL what the KCL cardiovascular spirit is really made of – and here’s a chance for you to meet these crazy fit and amazing individuals!

Harry Browning

Event: 100m and Relay

Commitment Level: Has sacrificed getting a First.

Drill Coordination: -23

Weakness: Coach Conrad

Joe Shaw

Event: 3Km

Studies: Theology 3rd Year

Known for: Taking his motorbike everywhere

Trademark Celebration: gets drunk, eats alone in a chicken shop at 3am, crys(?)

Kishore Kanna

Event: 100m and Relay

Nickname: K-Dot

Studies: Science, 2nd year

Commitment Level: Strong, albeit has an illicit love-affair with tennis.

Gym photos posted in the group chat: enough

Dan Richards

Event: Relay Team

Studies: He’s a doctor now.

Level of Mystery: 12

Turkey runs completed: 1

Max Arzt-Jones

Event: 800m and Relay
Top Training Tip: Stop going out

Interests: The East India Club and his Motorbike

Ben Dunscombe

Event: 800m

Studies: Religion and Ethics, 1st Year

Statement Outfit: Green trackies with pink hoodie

Alex Bloom

Event: 3km

Studies: Theology, 1st Year

Legend Has It: Bought an athletics hoody; yet all evidence to the contrary

Race Prep: Staring deeply into a mirror, reciting speeches from Lord of the Rings

Manish Kunwar

Event: 3km

Studies: 1st Year Computer Science

Secret Talent: Can plug a USB cable the right way on the first go

Life motto: “Chat shit get clapped”

Tope Fisayo

Event: Long Jump

Studies: Medicine, Guy’s Campus

Likes: Medicine

Quote: “My talent is that I’m fully qualified to heal the arse kicking I’m going to give UCL”

Tom Boutelle

Event: Long Jump

Studies: Medicine

Known for: Excellent facial structure

Singing Level: Songbird of this generation

James Findon

Role: President

Sightings at training: 0

Commonly known for: Forgetting to enter the BUCs Women’s Relay Team

Likes: Brains

Training Attire: Football Manager

Dan Tang

Nickname: Ten Pint Tang

Blood Alcohol Concentration: Pure Ethanol

Likes: Any reference to Classics & his exaggerated drinking antics

Competition tactics: skip the last lap


Berenice Van Moere (right)

Event: 100m and Relay

Studies: French (?), 2nd Year

Commitment Level: -1

Packs a day: 2

Known for: Being French

Sacha Aym

Event: 100m and relay

Commitment level: Van moere

Speed: Sonic

Chloe “The Hockster”  Hocking

Event: Relay Team


Roast Intensity: Tear-inducing

Weaknesses: Competitions

Amy Mat

Event: 4X100m Relay

Studies: Music, 1st Year

Skills: Can outrun and out-Beethoven you at the same time

likes : doctors

Zoe Berger

Event: 800m

Studies: Biomedical Sciences

Threat Level: Triple.

Skills: Can swim 800m in 13 minutes, is hoping to run it faster (would rather swim it)

Megan Powell

Event: 3km

Studies: Medicine 1st Year

Weaknesses: has to swim 1500m and cycle 40k before running, not ideal on the track

Jasmeet Kaur

Event: Long Jump

Jump Style: Long

Studies: Mathematics 1st Year

Motto: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”

Louise Pech

Event: Shotput

Studies: PPL, 2nd Year

Passions: Revolution

Skills: Semi-professional athlete sister

Talent: Has scored more athletes than team points

Clare Dyer

Event: Long jump

Studies: Law

Strengths: Lululemon staff discount

Randall Thomas

Studies: MSc Computing, IT Law & Management

“They call me Ranch, cause I be dressing”

And remember nothing screams “KCL pride” better than the climactic build-up of multiple second-long events all erupting with suspense and heavy panting. This is a Varsity event you definitely don’t want to miss! KCL, KCL, KCL!!!