Meet the KCL Varsity Netball Team

Who CL?? #bleedred

Monday 13th March sees these beautiful girls hitting the court in order to undergo their most prestigious and high-key match of the year, the Varsity Netball Match.

We caught up with the team to see what fine sporting athletes we had representing us this year:

Name: Jessica Van Droogenbroeck (BNOC)

Position: GD

Course: Geography

Year: 2nd

Renown for: secret slayer


Name: Rhia Jasmine Murray

Position: GS / WA

Course: International Management with Russian

Year: 1st

Renown for: ubering to matches and training

Name: Sophia Razvi

Position: WD

Course: History

Year: 2nd

Renown for: poor commitment to walkabout

Full name: Poppy Fawcett

Course: Politics, Philosophy, Economics

Year: 1st

Position: GK / GD

Renown for: one liners

(Prior to popular belief, Poppy is in fact in the Varsity Team even though she was left out of all the programmes. How they could leave out such an integral member of the team is beyond me!)

Name: Keziah Husselbee

Position: WD/GA

Course: Music

Year: First

Renown for: from 5ths to Varsity squad


Name: Rumneeq Dhaliwal

Position: GS

Course: History

Year: 1st

Renown for: ditching the 2nds

Full name: Hannah Claudia Mathea


Course: Political Economy

Year: first

Renowned for: shooting hoops and bunning zoots


Name: Felicity Ellen Faith Mutch

Position: WA / C

Course: History

Year: 3rd

Renown for: diva behaviour

Name: Leah Elizabeth Moran

Position: C

Course: Politics, Philosophy & Law

Year: 2nd

Renown for: nun of the team


We also caught up with the KCL Netball President, Abi Frith:

“The successes for KCL netball’s first team have been coming in thick and fast this year. The girls have been training hard to get their heads in the game and prepare themselves for the highest pressure match of the year.

“The matches against UCL are always intensely fought and this year the King’s girls are more than prepared to repeat our win, maintain the Varsity title and bring our trophy back to where it belongs, nestled inside Reggie the lion’s mane.”

The women’s Varsity Netball match starts at 18:45 and you can buy your tickets here.


Photography by Gabriel Mary Leavey