KCLSU Elections: Your New Student Officers

A total of 6,200 votes!

Momin Saqib, current VP Activities & Development has won the election to be KCLSU’s new President, in the biggest voter turnout to date. 

The other Student Officer positions were won by the following people:

Vice President for Activities and Development: Rahma Hussein
Vice President for Welfare and Community: Imaan Ashraf
Vice President for Education (Health): Yousef El-T
Vice President for Education (Arts and Sciences): Tayyaba Rafiq
Vice President for Postgraduate: Mahamed Abdullahi

The Liberation Association positions were won by:

International Officer: Yamini Yadav

LGBT+ Officer (open place): Josh Gill

LGBT+ Officer (Trans place): Riley B

People of Colour Officer: Shaswat Jain

Widening Participation Officer: Nakul Patwa

Women’s Officer: Alicia Tan

Disabled Students’ Officer: R.O.N

Mature Students Officer: Rosemary Nyamboya

NUS National Conference Delegate:

Furqan Khan, Muhammed Haider Abbas, Frankie O’Byrne

NUS Conference Delegates (self-defining women):

Khadija Said, Aeman Junaid, Hannah Bondi

This year had the highest voter turnout with a total of 6,200 votes being cast, since 2001. Momin received over 2,000 of the votes.