Meet the KCL Women’s Varsity Hockey Squad

Watch out UCL, they’re coming for you.

This Friday sees the women of KCLHC grab their sticks and head out onto the astro in search of their fourth consecutive varsity victory.

We headed down to one of their training sessions to meet the squad who are going to make UCL bleed red.

Ellie Yianni
Number: 12
Position: Defence
Course: Second year Religion, Philosophy and Ethics
Renowned for: Marking her territory, “He bruises like a peach”


Brodie Fairchild
Number: 5
Position: Midfield/Defence
Course: Third year Geography
Renown for: Sass levels off the scales


Jennifer Rynne
Number: 34
Position: Defence
Course: Masters, Immunology
Renown for: Stories that should lead to a criminal record


Sasha Ritchie
Number: 8
Position: Forward
Course: Third Year Maths
Renown for: Only playing varsity because her boyfriend will be watching

Natalie Price
Position: Defence
Number: 18
Course: Masters, Global Health and Social Justice
Renown For: Old but gold


Jenny Morris
Number: 10
Position: Forward
Course: Second year Physics and Philosophy
Renown for: The ultimate member of a boat race team, don’t challenge her to a pint off


Angie Price
Number: 4
Position: Forward
Course: First year History
Renown for: “I know everyone who goes to this University”


Georgia Burns

Number: 7
Position: Defence
Course: First year Geography
Renown for: Being the only player to ever have a nap in Walkabout


Katy Henman
Number: 3
Positon: Midfield
Course: Third year Politics, Philosophy and Law
Renown for: Teams biggest BNOC


Steph Burns (Captain)
Number: 6
Position: Forward
Course: Third year Law
Renown for: “OH COME ONNNNN”


Tori Needham
Number: 11
Position: Midfield
Course: First year Geography
Renown for: Being the worst drinker in the history of KCLHC


Louise Gamman
Number: 16
Position: Midfield
Course: First year Nursing
Renown for: Your mum would love her


Charlotte Skip
Number: 9
Position: Forward
Course: First year Psychology
Renown for: Shoes brighter than all of our futures


Nicky Screawn

Number: 2
Position: Midfield
Course: First year Liberal Arts
Renown for: Not winning Ninja Warrior UK


Maddie Travers

Number: 13
Position: Forward
Course: Second year French and Management
Renown for: Breaker of many hearts


Rachael Jones
Number: 1
Position: Goalkeeper
Course: Third year Neuroscience
Renown for: Prettiest girl at KCLHC – only in her keeper kit though


Lizzie Godwin

Number: 19
Position: Team Manager
Course: Second year Nursing
Renown for: Prefers a lover…


Steve Kelly
Position: Coach
Renown for: Missing international hockey duty to come to Varsity instead (you sure you didn’t break your hand on purpose Steve?…)


Matt Aldrich
Position: Coach
Renown for: “GREAT LEGS”

The Women’s Varsity Match is at 18:30, followed by  Men’s Varsity Match at 20:30 pm, Friday 10th at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, Olympic Park. 

Tickets can be bought here.