King’s lecturer tells student ‘you sound like Donald Trump’

Err, do I get extra marks?

What’s worse, a 2:2 or being told you sound like Trump? Well, that’s exactly what happened to a third year Geography student who was a little taken aback by her essay feedback.

The task was to give a recommendation as to whether the UK government should keep certain policies in place after Brexit, students were asked to remain impartial.

Unfortunately for her, the eagle-eyed lecturer read right past her embezzled waffling and asked her to “just give us the facts.”

The markers credibility is being questioned, the presidents’ name is not capitalised (suggesting lack of respect for the dude, fair enough) and the full stop is in the wrong place.


similar comment appeared on York student Eloise Tilbrook’s paper, “cite something. You can’t simply assert a fact as truth. You’re not Donald Trump.”

Both lecturer’s teach modules on Environment so one would be forgiven for thinking they are the same person.

Maybe they’re being catfished by Hilary?