The KCCE have taken over the Old Conference Room for 24 hours

Sleeping bags and all

As the next step in the ongoing protest towards King’s divestment from fossil fuels, Roger Hallam – now on the fourteenth day of his hunger strike – and a group of fellow students have occupied the Old Conference Room on the second floor of the King’s Building, Strand Campus, for twenty-four hours.

Here are three of the participants and what they have to say on the matter.



It’s quite simple, really. When I heard that King’s was still investing in fossil fuels I thought that it was quite a ridiculous position for a university to take. They teach about climate change and research it, and they are fully aware of the dangers, so it seems counterintuitive.

I’ve also heard that there’s been a campaign [against fossil fuel investment] for about two or three years and that it’s gained very little traction, so I think it’s time to escalate things.


I think it’s shocking that King’s still invests money into the fossil fuel industry. I think universities should be the places that lead ethical behaviour.

I went to SOAS for my undergraduate degree, which was the first university in London to announce divestment from fossil fuels, so I’m really surprised to find out that they’re not really taking students who want full divestment very seriously. So yeah, we’re hoping to achieve some change through peaceful protest.


Our occupation is a peaceful culmination of the campaign. We simply ask that King’s hears our plea and makes a decision they can be proud of in the future.

See updates on this occupation and on future actions by the KCCE on their Facebook page.