We asked KCL students what makes them happy

Is happiness to be found anywhere nowadays?

Let’s face it, the world is turning to shit.

There is an increase in far-rightist parties, protests are hitting the streets of London on a daily basis, most London-based students are broke because everything is expensive (£3.79 for a meal deal Boots?!… really?), the end of term is coming up and most of us are starting to realise that binge-watching all of those Stranger Things episodes won’t be substantially helpful for the exams.

But fear not, for today the sun shone brighter than it has in the last six months, and as advocates of positivity and good vibez, we decided to go around and ask King’s students what makes them happy!

Anita: 1st Year, Comparative Literature

The Sun!

Aiman: 3rd Year, Geography; Awais: 3rd Year, Chemistry; Amena: 3rd Year, Pharmacy

Krispy Kreme

Phil: 3rd Year, Liberal Arts (Politics Major)

The Smell of Coffee in the Morning

Julia: 1st Year, International Relations

Soaking up some Sun!

Maxim: 1st Year, English with Film

Student Satisfaction

Julie, LLM (Law); Mathilde LLM (Law); Marie LLM (Law)

Being Together!

Miguel: 1st Year, Comparative Literature

Texts at 3 in the Morning

Shaswat Jain: 4th Year, Economics and Management

Doing good for the World

Andreas, first year, LLB (Law), and Pawel, first year, LLB (Law) 

Getting seated next to a crying baby on the plane

Tayyaba Rafiq, 3rd Year, International Relations (Arts & Sciences Presidential Candidate)

Food and Netflix

Charles, First year, Liberal Arts

Christmas Jumpers

So, in those gloomy days where you wonder why you even bothered waking up in the morning, or those in which you think you deserve a gold star for every small accomplishment achieved (or for every Netflix episode you’ve watched within 24 hours), remember the little things that make you happy and go pursue them!

… or don’t, it’s up to you.