The ultimate guide to free London

The only thing better than cocktails is free cocktails

It’s no secret that everyone has a soft spot for a good freebie, especially in a city like London where purchasing a coffee alone will pretty must cost you a limb and your left lung. Your days of loitering around food markets for free samples like a vulture are over, because we have your back with this guide to living the free life in London, ranging from free food, to drinks to days out. Put the wallet away and read on.


When I first discovered Drinki it changed the game forever. The app allows you to get one free cocktail per week in bars across London, also offering up to 50 per cent off your first round every. single. day. The more you share the app with friends, the more frequently you can get drinks on the house. If free alcohol wasn’t enough to convince you to download it, Drinki is also a great way to discover quirky bars across the city. New date night spot anyone? Once you download it you won’t look back. Use the promo code “SCOLEE1” for an extra free drink on me, you’re welcome.

City Farms

Beyond the delusion of Freshers’ Week university can often be a quagmire of deadlines, unwashed dishes and extortionate bills. What your life is missing during these times of crisis is furry animals, and lots of them. That’s where London’s many city farms come in handy. Not only are they completely free, but the level of zen you will feel after cuddling a goat is invaluable. My personal recommendation is Spitalfields City Farm by Brick Lane, which satisfies all of your cat lady needs and hilariously has two huge pigs named Watson and Holmes. Need I say more?

Sky Garden

Sky Garden is probably one of London’s worst kept secrets, but on the off chance you’ve been living under a rock here’s all you need to know. Sky Garden is a free public space in central London with spectacular views of the city, so if you fancy being a tourist for the day this one is ideal. The only catch is that I would recommend booking in advance because their on-the-day slots fill up quite quickly, but it’s well worth the hassle for all the Insta-worthy photos you’ll get out of your visit.

Boris Bikes

We’ve all heard of the Boris bikes by Santander Cycles dotted throughout the city, but not many people know that the first 30 minutes of your journey won’t cost you a penny. You can even replace your bike at a docking station for a new one and get another 30 minutes for free, and so on. Perfect for sunny summer days in Hyde Park or cycling away from your uni-related responsibilities.


Sick of drinking cheap boxed wine like a typical student? You may have to sit down for this next suggestion because it will blow you away. From the brains behind The 10 Cases, the Drop app allows you to have hand-selected wine delivered straight to your front door, and your first bottle is totally free. Just enter the code “yi4fAe8m” at the checkout and the free booze is yours. You’ll be eternally grapeful.


While not technically a complete freebie, the Happiour app features loads of amazing offers on food and drink in London, including 2-4-1 lunch with a friend at places like Hummus Bros. Grab a friend (or go by yourself) and enjoy.

Free Prosecco

If my previous boozy suggestions weren’t enough for you then you can also get a free glass of prosecco when you download All Bar One’s loyalty app. With a bar on every corner in London you can’t go wrong with this one, plus their rewards scheme is pretty generous on top of that.

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