Meet the candidates running to be Arts & Sciences Vice-President

Let’s get rid of prejudices

Why should we vote for you?

Baani Gambhir: Vote for me because I will devote myself to making student voices heard

Lamise Nasr: Because as a science student, I am here to bring a fresh perspective into KCLSU. I want both the science and arts voice to be heard equally.

Amy Merrigan: In my manifesto I haven’t just pointed out problems with Kings – I’ve got ideas about how to fix them.

Andy Warren: Vote Andy because I will organise active, radical campaigns to fight for what students need – from stopping tuition fee increases to fixing the IT – rather than just asking nicely for them.

Xinyi Guo: I am good at inter-discipline knowledge and would like to further work for it.

Name one skill that will help you in this position

Baani Gambhir: Resourcefulness

Lamise Nasr: Proactivity: When I put my mind into something, I am able to get a lot done.

Amy Merrigan: I’ve run successful campaigns for the labour party. It’s taught me how to get be flexible and achieve things in a short space of time

Andy Warren: My experience of organising grassroots campaigns, such as leading the NSS boycott

Xinyi Guo: Caring about others, good problem solving skills, ability of leadership and communication, experience of outreach minister, inter-discipline background.

What’s the first thing you’ll change as VPAS?

Baani Gambhir:  Work to bring a change in the curriculum and simultaneously make the seminar attendance policy more relaxed
Lamise Nasr: I will ensure that all departments introduce UNITU, an online forum used as a platform for student to anonymously voice their feedback.
Amy Merrigan: I think that submission regulations should reform – students should receive assessment feedback 7 days before the next deadline and grades should not be instantly capped at 40 per cent.
Andy Warren: Get KCL to invest more in its IT system because Kings is clearly wealthy enough and the failures are unacceptable
Xinyi Guo: Set up the bridge of communication of students between departments, learning from each others and cooperating on academics.

How will you bridge the gap between the campuses, shifting focus away from Strand?

Baani Gambhir: One way for the bridging the gap among the campuses would be to organise social events and pub quizzes for all those in Arts and Sciences irrespective of campus
Lamise Nasr: Ensuring that all campuses have equally distributed resources & expanding the SU spaces in Waterloo & especially Denmark Hill.
Amy Merrigan: More interdisciplinary talks and events – many students don’t ever have the reason or opportunity to go to different campuses.
Andy Warren: I will promote links and solidarity across campuses by building a network of course reps and students that stand up for each other as well as fighting for common aims
Xinyi Guo: I will set up feedback office centre across campus and organise inter-campus activity at least two times a month.