Meet the candidates running for Activities & Development Vice-President

Expense deadlines?

Why should we vote for you?

Rahma Hussein: Vote for me if you’d want to see a union which promotes inclusion, respresentation, advocacy, care and equality of ALL students!

Shivam Chawla: Because of my emphasis on brand new initiatives that will positively impact each aspect of the student experience at King’s and my constant focus on increasing the values of the degrees we graduate with through a fresh approach to communication and branding.

Alex Theoklitou: As VPAD you need to have a good relationship with all activity groups and sports club, I have worked closely with numerous student leaders and believe that I have established a close relationship with them.

Joseph Mccarron-Shipman: I want to tackle the every day struggles of King’s Students and after three years I’ve experienced all the shit King’s could throw at me.

Name one skill that will help you in this position:

Rahma Hussein: The skill that will help me the most in this role is my co-ordination. I’m really great with co-ordinating several different things together, which have enabled me to manage successful projects in the past.

Shivam Chawla: While my commitment to the institution is the driving force behind this campaign, a specific skill that equips me to take on this role is effective representation.

Alex Theoklitou: I have served on the Dance Society committee for three years (including being President) and having done that I can empathise with committees.

Joseph Mccarron-Shipman: Tenacity, I will never cease to represent the students needs, I’ve worked tirelessly in political campaigns in the past and it won’t stop when I’m elected.

What’s the first thing you’ll change as VPAD?

Rahma Hussein: The very first thing I’ll change is the external speakers’ policy – out with racism and unconscious bias, and IN with fairness and equality.

Shivam Chawla: I aim to take away all additional administrative burden from activity clubs, allowing them to cut through the red tape, depend on the KCLSU and focus on doing what they love the most – without the fine print.

Alex Theoklitou: I don’t believe the word “change” is right for this situation, the first thing I will IMPROVE is the transparency with the Bush House situation because at the moment it’s all very secretive which can be stressful for society committees who don’t know what is happening with the move.

Joseph Mccarron-Shipman: Have Societies decide how societies are run by setting up a regular council with student leaders.

Will you implement an ‘expense deadline,’ e.g. give the SU a maximum of 3 days to reimburse societies for money paid out of their own pockets?

Rahma Hussein: That is one of my campaign pledges, I aim to reduce the expenses’ deadline from 2 weeks to 5-7 days!

Shivam Chawla: I will implement an ‘expense deadline agreement ’ which will be mutually accepted by the concerned society and the KCLSU before events are organized, thereby providing the assurance of reimbursement in a set time frame without neglecting the different needs of each club.

Alex Theoklitou: In an ideal world we would be reimbursed in 3 days however just like all societies and sports teams face restrictions, so does KCLSU finance, something that can be worked upon in the future with more staff being assigned to the finance team.

Joseph Mccarron-Shipman: Along side the Expenses system I want to introduce a society bank account with a card which can be used to directly access KCLSU funding, taking financial stress off of hard working student leaders.

Voting: 6th-9th March