Mark Duggan Killing: verdict appeal to be considered by the court, following hearing

The killing that sparked the 2011 riots was ruled as “lawful” in 2014

On Thursday, the Royal Court of justice heard a case to appeal the verdict of the killing of Mark Duggan, a 29-year old who was shot by police in 2011.

The killing sparked riots across London, and has led to the rise of many POC rights groups.

Police attempted to arrest Duggan during an operation, however an officer discharged his firearm at the suspect when Duggan was found to be in possession of a pistol.

Mark Duggan was known to the police as a potential founding member of the “Star Gang”, and was a prominent gangster in the area. This information, however, has been disputed by his family.

In the latest hearing on March 2nd, the family of the victim have argued that the evidence provided by the coroners in the original case was misleading to the Jury, and thus the court should consider an appeal of the verdict. At the end of the hearing, Judges announced that their decision would be available at a later date.

August 2016 demonstrations marked the 5th anniversary of Duggan’s killing

A planned demonstration by activists and students was in effect outside the Royal Courts of Justice, on Strand, throughout the day. Many social activists believe the “Lawful Killing” verdict to be a racial injustice, a claim which has been rejected by the court and police.