Are you KCL’s Biggest Bachelor? #9 – Shivam Ahuja

Stand to attention – this ex-Army officer is ready to win your heart

Next up is Shivam Ahuja – a third year law student and club captain for the KCL Men’s Cricket team who is sure to have all the ladies vying for his attention. An ex-Army officer from Singapore and all around stand up gent, read on to learn more about Shivam and how you can woo him…

Why would you call yourself an eligible bachelor?
Because my Grandmother tells me I am, and if you hear something enough times, you begin to believe it.
What is your ideal date?
Night out at Dover Castle Bar.
What do you look for in an ideal partner?
Someone who has good banter, and knows the offside rule.
What are some of your best qualities?
I can neck a pint faster than Bachelor #3 (Radley).
Tell us an unknown fact about yourself?
I once knocked out a stripper in Phuket (accidentally).