Are you KCL’s Biggest Bachelor? #10 – Malcolm Harriott

Looking for a dancing queen

1st Year, Religion, Politics and Society

Malcolm is a chilled out guy, simply looking for a girl to spoil. If you’re searching for someone easy going, who knows how to bust a move, then Malcolm is your guy!

Why would you call yourself an eligible bachelor?

I am a dancer looking for someone to groove with. Doing a lot of solos recently and need to find my perfect partner.

What is your ideal date?

My ideal date would be super chill, maybe get a drink and get to know the person…. or playing PS4 together.

What do you look for in an ideal partner?

Someone who is really chill, nice and can handle banter. In terms of physicality, I’m not fussed.

What are some of your best qualities?

I know how to treat a lady haha. I think my best quality is that I’m very laid back and not a lot stresses me out.

Tell us an unknown fact about you?

I’m honestly an open book. No secrets about me which may be a bit of a problem, because people get to know me super quickly and may put people off or turn people on… whatever floats your boat.