Meet the guy handing out free rings at The National Gallery

He does it for a living

London is one expensive city so anything going free is always a bonus. Today, I ventured deeper into the capital (basically The National Gallery) and that’s when this sign caught my eye.

How long have you been making rings?

Two years.

Do you come here everyday?

Yes, everyday – full-time.

Where did you learn to make these?


Why do you give them out for free? 

I want people to be happy, I feel something when I see others get happy.

You came to the UK from Turkey, how come?

My wife was here already.

How are you finding London? Good? or is Turkey better?

No, Turkey is better. London is not nice, too cold and this music!

There was someone playing heavy guitar next to him. 

Short, sweet and straight to the point.

Head on over to The National Gallery to meet this wonderful man.