There’s a petition to make ULU Fridays free again


A petition was created last night to bring free entry back to ULU’s Friday club nights.

Last week, flyers were distributed and bouncers informed patrons that Friday, February 17th would be the last free entry night to the University of London club.


The “About” section of ULU’s club night has been updated to include advance ticket prices

This decision has been met with complaints across universities.

“It seems to be a logistically unfavourable decision for the club to make,” says Serena Phillips, a UCL first year and author of the petition. “[Students are now] avoiding it on a Friday, whereas last term I went religiously every week.”

“People have also raised the point that it’s not actually a very ‘good’ club – I remember hearing someone describe it as a glorified sports hall turned into a disco, so it seems unfair to now be charged even though the quality is still quite poor.”

Phillips hopes the petition will help raise a conversation and hopefully some negotiations between students and the ULU organisers, since, as she points out, “We haven’t been given any reasoning as to why one week it was free and the next there was a charge with immediate effect.”

Phillips set up the petition with friends Friday afternoon and was surprised by its positive reception, stressing however that she does not condone the numerous laddish comments on the page.

So far the petition has accumulated more than 400 signatures out of its goal of 1,000.

Sign the petition here: