The KCL Fencing Society just raised £200 for charity through sweat

‘Blood, sweat and tears’ have now become just ‘sweat, sweat, sweat’ with the KCL Fencing Society

The KCL Fencing Society is currently raising money for The English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS), a charity which provides specialised sports equipment for people with various different kinds of disabilities, making “active lives possible, regardless of disability.” The aim of the fundraiser is to raise at least £200 by the end of this month, with half of the proceeds raised being donated to the EFDS and the other half of the money being directed towards improving the society and their resources. As of today, the initial £200 goal has already been reached in only 4 days, with 26 days still to go on their online fundraiser, on crowdfunding website JustGiving.

All throughout this week, several ‘fencers’ have taken up the ‘Sweat Box’ challenge to support the cause, wearing their heavy fencing gear (mask and sword included), 24/7 – to lectures, restaurants, shops…

A few members of the fencing society have also volunteered to run up the 30 flights of stairs in Guy’s Tower in full fencing armour, a promise which they will have to keep now that their target has been broken by 25% and counting.

In an attempt to find out a bit more about the fencing society and fencing in general, I took part in one of the free trial sessions held by the club and, even though I am still terrible at sports, the incredibly welcoming and fun environment set up by all the fencers made me want to lead a more active life – and believe that everyone, regardless of their abilities, should be able to make a fool of themselves through sports too.

Why do I look ridiculously small and unsure while holding a sword 

If you want to donate or simply find out how you can do your part, the JustGiving page can be accessed through this link:; you can also drop them a message on their Facebook page KCL Fencing Club – or just look for people dressed around in fencing gear at one of the KCL campuses – you can’t possibly miss them!

Photo cred: KCL Fencing Club. Thanks for being so welcoming!