King’s College London Street Style

Do you have the style?

As reading week approaches the average student begins to give up on the style and just hit up Lectures in what ever smells clean (well at least you made it right?), but not you King’s Students, you’ve got the “fashun” day in day out.

We scoured King’s campus for all you fashionistas in your wavy garms, and as always, we were not disappointed.

Here is what you were styling on campus:

Dominic Rawson, Comparative Literature, 1st Year

Isobel Haydock, Mathematics, 3rd Year

Alejandro Martin Rodriguez, International Politics, 3rd Year

Libby Fuller, Anatomy, 3rd Year

Abi Frith, History, 2nd Year

Jess Van Droogenbroeck, Geography, 2nd Year

Celina Digebjerg, International Politics, 3rd Year and Ying Liu, Master Mobile Communications, 3rd Year

Ollie Strong, History, 2nd Year

Jonas Wette, International Relations, 2nd Year

Joquim Berryer and Rohan Malik, International Development, 2nd Year

Josef Kaplicky, Film Studies, 2nd Year

Jared Phanco, English Literature, 1st Year

Sunnii-Elle Peifer-Stafford, Comparative Literature, 1st Year

Have an incredible reading week and stay trendy this holiday.


Photography by Gabriel Mary Leavey