Are You KCL’s Biggest Bachelor? – #1 Dom Prince

Who is the hottest, eligible bachelor at King’s College London?

The first nomination of the Bachelor Series… Dom Prince!

2nd Year, Political Economy
Star Quarterback for the King’s American Football team, Dom has it all. Brains and brawn. Beauty and Benevolence. Often seen cruising around the Strand to-and-from lectures and art galleries in his signature preppy look, you’ll have to be quick to say hello before he returns to his cosmopolitan haven in Stratford. Having memorised the entire script of Peep Show, and frequently referred to as “Mr Nice Guy”, this steely cheekboned adonis is most certainly hot property amongst the female population of King’s — snap him up quick!

Why would you call yourself an eligible bachelor?

I guess people usually think the fact I used to work in Tommy Hilfiger makes me an eligible bachelor… but personally though I’d say that the work I do with hotchocsoc at King’s helping homeless people on Strand is a much more attractive quality that I suppose makes me eligible.

What is your ideal date?

My ideal date would be to do something cultural, like a museum or art gallery as they always provoke talking points which is good for keeping things flowing, followed by drinks somewhere with a nice view

What do you look for in an ideal partner?

In a partner I look for a sense of humour, kindness and obviously for them to be aesthetically pleasing… good for instagram posts basically.

What are some of your best qualities?

My qualities are (apparently) charisma, a good sense of humour, maturity… and my ability to seduce 😉

Tell us an unknown secret?

“I once vommed all over a taxi and dropped half a star on my uber rating after a night at Cirque du Soir (sorry Mustafa love you xox)

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