The Hottest Places to hang out this upcoming London Fashion Week

Put on your best outfit and get mistaken for a fashion blogger

London Fashion Week is upon us, and I’ve never been poorer or more badly dressed.
Whilst we’re all despairing over not being invited to any of the super exclusive runway events, here’s where the public London Fashion Week shows are happening (and by public, you know I mean must pay loads of money months in advance to be let in). For all you fashion-loving students out there, here is where you should be hanging out to get a glimpse of the fash pack close to Kings.

Venue: Topshop Show Space – Tate Modern, Turbine Hall

Where you should be: Bankside Mix is where all the celebs and models will be recovering after shows in the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall. Stroll along Southbank and visit a café or two along the way. Of course, you can always go and soak up some culture and actually visit the Tate Modern’s art exhibitions – whether your thing is Abstract Expressionism, sculptures, or Pop Art, it’s free, and it makes you look très chic and worldly.
If things are really going downhill and you can’t stand to look at one more Rothko painting of a blue canvas, pop on your oversized coat and pose on Millennium Bridge with your green health juice or flat white – you too can be Gigi Hadid.

Walking at Catwalk speed next to the Tate

Venue: Durham House Street – The Painting Rooms and The Store Studios – 180 Strand

Where you should be: The closest point of interest to this venue is Covent Garden, an area in which to do a spot of shopping between shows and relax with lunch of some kale salad variety. Or for us, an area in which to window shop and look at your sad, sad reflection in the windows of the shops as you eat your Maccy Ds. But, guaranteed this will be a place to keep your eye on if you want to see any hot names (please do not quote me on this, I’ve only seen Alexa Chung there once) and Neals Yard is a great place to take lots of Instagram worthy snaps.

Venue: Somerset House

Where you should be: This is the one you might actually be able to get into. Every London Fashion Week, the British Fashion Council host what they call their ‘International Fashion Showcase’. The BFC decide on a theme for the showcase, and then collect a bunch of clothes from all the designers participating in this fashion week. This years theme is ‘Local/Global’, and the best part – it’s free, and it’s right next door to Strand Campus. Pop in during a break between lectures, take a few snaps, and then go and buy your outrageously expensive Prêt coffee for the day – because you’re worth it.

*googles if Kate Moss actually lives in London*

If all else fails, flounce along the Strand until someone asks to take a street style photo of you – you deserve it after a hard day’s work of celeb hunting and looking good.
If you’re a proper fashion fanatic, do not despair. You can always watch all the shows online at