We asked you how you’ll be spending this Valentine’s Day

And to these lovers, I ask… Where are you?

Valentine ultimately was the God-version of your everyday teen chick-flick fangirl. He decided that there should be a day where the couples can celebrate their love for each other, and for centuries this has been the case. Eventually Capitalism got in on it too and started promoting the abundant sale of flowers, jewellery, chocolates, and in collaboration with fancy French restaurants, managed to add a “ca-ching” element to this emotional ‘holiday’.

Ah these, couples, like in all places, we also have them at King’s: excited for their plans, ready to profess their love to on another. And to these lovers, I ask… Where are you?

Are you a minority? Have we perverted and transformed Valentine’s day to a sacrilegious day where we appreciate the rituals of the single simpleton… the singleton?

I walked around King’s asking people about their exciting plans, and this what some had to say:

Emma, 1st Year Comparative Literature with Film

“I’m getting Shitfaced!”

Claudia, 1st Year International Relations

“I’m playing the Ukulele!”

Romane, 1st Year French with Film

“Get pizza with my girlfriends”

 Jad, 1st Year Film Studies



Kat, 3rd Year Fine Arts and History

“Preparing for a job interview with a big tub of ice cream”

Catrin, 1st Year European Studies

“Dinner for one”

Ula, 1st Year French

“Potentially changing a 2-year old’s shitty nappies while the parents have a romantic night out”

Thomas, 4th Year Medicine

“Giving Blood”

Julia, 1st Year International Relations

“Going on a wine tasting”

Karan, 1st Year European Studies with French

“Watch Harry Potter and eat pizza”

Babette, 1st Year Biomedical Engineer

“Going to a Film Screening”

Harmz, 3rd Year Computer Science

“Meal deal with the missus, followed by a romantic walk in Brixton”

Camille, 1st Year European Studies

“My boyfriend will surprise me on Valentine’s Day”

David, 2nd Year Music

“Meeting the one”

Christine, Study Abroad

“Enjoying a movie while spending good time as a burrito in your bed”

Amedeo, 1st Year European Studies

“Domino’s 2 for 1 pizza+ Vodka margaritas& Redbull+ All my single friends= HAPPINESS”

Maybe we’ve changed the meaning of Valentine’s day, and whether Valentine approves or not doesn’t really matter because… he’s dead.

It’s becoming rarer to see a happy couple on valentine’s day, and increasingly popular to catch a human being sharing the tragic “forever alone” memes on the internet, myself included. And maybe that’s not a bad thing, because Valentine’s day should evolve along with us, and if the world happens to be filled with mundane Valentine’s day plans, then that’s how it’s going to have to be… Sorry Valentine…

On that note, Happy Valentine’s day everybody, may your day be as exciting or mediocre as you want it to be!