Your Guide to surviving Valentine’s Day

Let’s just skip it this year

So as all you couples out there prepare your romantic ostentations for the 14th February (I actually had to google this date) in order to convince everyone that you’re so “in love”, we can see straight through this act which is just as pitiful as us spending it all alone.

However, the only thing worse than a sickening case of PDA in every restaurant window is the knowing that you do not even have the choice.

If this is you, then here’s a guide how to make yourself feel a little less crap this valentine’s.

  1. Meal Deals are a charm

At Waitrose you can get a Valentine’s meal for Two which is a THREE Course Meal and bottle of wine or Prosecco for just £20! Eat half and then freeze the second for another time! It’s just living economically. Or just eat both at once, Let’s get Crazy! It’s also a chance to shop at Waitrose which is something I’m sure you haven’t done often whilst at uni (if you’re normal that is).

2. Do something with a friend

Grab a friend and hit the cinema. Not only will it take your mind off the fact that you are still alone and empty inside but also people will just think you’re a couple anyway! Maintaining public perceptions.

3. Cheap Next Day Chocolate and Flowers

Treat yo’self! It’s at these times that you are 100% allowed to eat cheap chocolate by the box full and sit in your room, alone, watching the Notebook. Another trick for the book: by yourself flowers and put them in a vase in your room, if anyone asks, you reply with “I know they’re lovely! Just found them outside my door! What a charmer”, not only does it make you look desirable, if you keep telling it to yourself then you might just believe it too. Send yourself a card whilst you’re at it!

4. No Stress, No worries

Have you ever felt the stress of finding the perfect valentine’s present or card? The scouring of shops to find just the right one? Nope. Not me. Never felt that stress and neither should you.

5.  Who cares when you’re an independent eco-feminsta who don’t need nobody to tie you down anyway!

Exactly! Why get upset about it when you are a QUEEN! You’re single all the rest of the year anyway so why get upset now? Go wild, remember who the hell you are and don’t EVER get upset over NOBODY. Channel your inner Beyonce, exude your outer Kanye and never EVER forget your self-worth.