King’s College Council decide to increase tuition fees to £9,250

Starting from September 17/18

In November, the College Council decided to raise tuition fees for new students in 2017 despite a freeze the fees campaigning by students.

In a statement made by Vice-President for Education (Health) Jack Haywood, the officers “have only now been able to publicly announce this.”

He continued: “This means from September 2017, fees will be £9,250 and these are likely to increase year after year. At KCLSU we feel this was the wrong decision to make and will have an adverse effect on thousands of students at KCL over years to come.

“We presented to College Council an open letter from the Freeze the Fees campaign opposing an increase in fees with 706 signatures, as well as a further 636 signatures on a petition. Clearly even this quantity of students input isn’t enough for College management to listen.”

The campaign were successful in securing a fee freeze for returning home undergraduates for 2017/18.

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