Suspended Divestment student dragged from the Macadam by security

He is currently suspended for graffitiing the King’s Building

On Tuesday afternoon, two security guards dragged a student from the Union building, whilst another one guided them outside.

PhD student Roger Hallam, who was issued with an emergency suspension after he chalk-sprayed the Great Hall foyer in the King’s Building claimed he was in the university building for a meeting, before being kicked out.

Hallam’s suspension means he is banned from stepping foot onto King’s premise and staff have been banned from communicating with him.

A petition has been started to remove the suspension, so far it has garnered 293 signatures.

A spokesperson from King’s Climate Change Emergency said: “Roger refused to move and was threatened with police arrest. After 20 minutes two security guards were instructed to drag people out of the Students’ Union building. A Students’ Union employee tried to intervene but was told it was a university matter by the head of security present.”

KCCE’s direct actions have received support from People and Planet and Green Party politician Siân Berry.

Another person, who was not involved with the chalk-painting but attended the demonstration, has been banned from King’s.

Since last night, Roger has been sleeping outside the Strand and fasting to raise more awareness of the climate emergency.

Speaking to The Tab, he said: “I am doing it to draw attention to the dire need to get action on climate change and specifically on getting divestment at the college and to tell people about my suspension and ban from King’s. I hope to achieve more awareness of the issue by doing something novel – and for the university to have on-going pressure – I am not going away.”

A King’s College London spokesperson said: “The Student Conduct and Appeals process is now underway, therefore it is not appropriate to comment further.”