Police are investigating criminal damage done to King’s Building

Two people have been arrested

Two King’s students have been arrested following today’s direct action after parts of the King’s Building were gratified in protest against climate change.

A spokesperson from KCCE said: “We are now in a global concentration camp and the elites won’t turn off the gas.

“Therefore, we are following the advice of our friend the great British political philosopher John Locke – when the government intends to kill you, rebellion is a right and a duty.”

A spokesperson for King’s said: “During a protest at the Strand campus earlier today, students sprayed slogans on the walls and staircase of the King’s Building.

“Two students were arrested by the Police, who are now investigating criminal damage to the Grade I listed building.

“One of the students has already conducted similar attacks on the university’s buildings on previous occasions and had been asked to refrain from further damaging King’s property.

“While King’s supports students’ right to peaceful protest, it has a responsibility to protect its historic estate from criminal damage.

“We are consulting specialists about how to remove the graffiti without causing further damage to the 200-year-old stone work.”