King’s open letter to Principal Byrne to help the people of Aleppo

“We follow in the footsteps of great alumnus such as Desmond Tutu”

Syrian students at King’s have written a letter to Principal Byrne urging him to use all possible actions to protect the people of Aleppo and Syria.

The aim is for students across UK universities to contact their ‘respective vice chancelors/principals of universities asking them to lobby the government with regards to dropping aid in besieged areas, and calling for a serious ceasefire.’

The letter explains why it is important that King’s do their bit:

“King’s motto is to be in the service of society, and the University has already supported students in conflict zone areas through scholarships, and has set up a Refugee Support Initiative.

“At King’s we are learning about how to stand up for human rights when building cities and societies. How many students are being forced out of education and into poverty and destruction due to the actions of the Assad regime? Where is their right to education? We follow in the footsteps of great alumnus such as Desmond Tutu.”

Please comment here if you wish to show your support (open to King’s students, staff, alumnus and societies) and your names will be added to the letter or email [email protected]

King’s have been contacted for a statement.

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