Here are all the things you will understand if you’re a King’s student

Who’s Morgan?

King’s – where would we be without it? Probably either at our firm choice or Queen Mary. From mispronouncing Maughan Library to our favourite Paul from Temple, here are 20 things only KCL students will truly understand.

Having the ugliest building on the block 

It’s an eyesore and everyone knows it. Dreary.

Pretending Somerset House is part of King’s

We literally have our own ice-skating rink… kind of.

Hoping you’ll be on the windows one day

Our alumni are always watching you, freshers.

Freaking out at Virginia Woolf in glass

Makes UCL’s Jeremy Bentham pose look so 1820.

Knowing that KCL vs LSE beef doesn’t exist

…because we beat them at everything.

Talking to Paul from Temple

Image by Khatija Shakir

Who didn’t love talking to Paul? You’ll be pleased to know you might not see him again because he is up on his feet and doing well, just in time for Christmas.

Having the best library view

As well as the best library.

Not knowing how to pronounce Maughan

Is it Morgan or Mourn?

Loving the lift’s ‘close the door’ button 

Friends are lost with the push of a button.

Making everything about ‘KCL vs UCL’ 

Just wait for Varsity…

Telling everyone the Round Reading Room was Dumbledore’s office


Wishing there was a bus to take you to Virginia Woolf

There’s no such thing as a bad time to Uber.

Getting tired waiting for lifts that never arrive

Pulling out all the stops in ‘Charity Week’

We beat LSE as well, so that’s a bonus.

Being grateful that you’re at Strand

Waterloo is so not where it’s at.

Never getting over at how beautiful the chapel is

Being offered prayers for lost data

We’re sure that the staff appreciated being offered prayers and and counselling after the great data crisis of 2016, but where are our essays?

Crossing Waterloo Bridge isn’t fun anymore

You’ve taken all the pictures already. Where’s that bus?

Learning to avoid pricey cafeteria food 

Just buy the £1.30 wedges.

Loving King’s all the same

Despite some minor annoyances, we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.