We asked you to tell us what kind of drunk texter you are

Lock away your phones and throw away the key

As we are fast approaching Christmas it is evident that one does like to get a little boozy when in the festive season. An unfortunate side effect of this is the drunk text.

Though getting bevved always seems like a fantastic way to celebrate the holidays, there’s always that one text you wake up to in the morning that makes you regret every decision you ever made. Whether it’s the classic “I love you” to someone you definitely don’t love, or just the plain ridiculous which you can not put any context behind.

We asked you KCL students, which drunk text are you?

Dragan Slipper, History, first year 

Dragan once, while under the influence, texted his boss “I carnt cum in 2mora, soz wasted ;P”, in order to excuse himself from a busy day at work the next day after a successful night on the sesh.

Richard, Liberal Arts, second year

Perhaps you’re the one who shows just a little bit too much love for your friends.

Esme Jones, Comparative Literature, first year

“I once FaceTimed my mother while in a club in order to demonstrate how lit the club was and how I wanted her to experience it with me.”

Unknown, MSC Advanced Computing

Or perhaps you are the complete nonsensical drunk texter such as this young gentlemen who texted his mate to tell him “he was flying to Spain”.

Laure Duhil, Liberal Arts, second year

Or maybe you simply just can not remember. Are you the kind of drunk who wakes up in the morning with text from a lad called “Omar” claiming he’s looking forward to the dinner you two booked on Thursday and you have absolutely no clue who “Omar” is?

Which ever drunk text you are, continue your wild and reckless ways, embrace your drunkard communications and drink safely this Christmas.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!